Twenty years ago, I was in the 7th grade at Jarman Jr. High. I was isolated and miserable. Sometimes I wonder how things could have been different if I had changed my attitude or been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I lived with my mom, my brother and 2 cats, Cosmo and Trystan. My grandmother, who practically helped raise me, would be dead in 4 months. (1989)

Fifteen years ago, I was in the 12th grade at Del City High School in Del City, OK. My family had acquired another cat, Ariel, who sneezed enormous gobs of snot everywhere. My mom had finished college by now- the only member of my family to have done so. I was preparing to escape from high school. (1994)

Ten years ago, I was living with a roommate on the north side of Oklahoma City. My mom had died a little over a year previous and I was still in shock. I was rarely sober at this point and probably very hard to be around.(1999)

Five years ago, I was working at RadioShack and looking for a way out of my disaster of a relationship. (2004)

Last year, I was in Muskogee, going to school. (2008)

Yesterday, I went to Mass, then hung out at home. Texted my BF some.

Today, I'll be taking the kids to the library.

Tomorrow, I will get up and watch the kids again.

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