Update, I guess

Yeah, yeah, I don't wanna hear about how I've been neglecting this blog.

Nannying still pretty much the same as ever. If Jason thinks this is gonna make me want to have kids though he's mistaken. I love the boys but they're a handful at times. Of course one could make the argument that it would be different with my own kids... but I am so not there at this point in my life.

I still do the occasional karaoke gig for Jason. (Did anyone think I'd ever totally get away from it?) It's ok though. I think I'll find something part time closer to home though.

Now, for the part y'all have surely been waiting for:

  1. Kris and I are through. It wasn't gonna work. Long-distance type deals rarely do. Also, just too much bad blood between him and too many people in my life. We parted on amicable enough terms though.
  2. Eric lost the Evil GF. We're now a 'thing'. I'm not big on defining it at this point. All's we know is that we're crazy about each other. He looks like the unholy spawn of Keith Moon and George Harrison (purrrrrrrrr). He's brilliant and amazing. I've never met anyone like him before. I never thought anyone like him existed. I've got it BAD for this one. Even if dating him makes me a cradle-robbing skank (I'm older than he is by about 7 years).

That's it for now.

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