Diary of a Mad Housebound Nanny Day 4

My charges are boys, ages 4 and 5. The 5-yr-old is in kindergarten half the day and is typically the easier of the two to govern. The 4-yr-old is, well, four. Sometimes things have to be explained to him over and over. There are moments where my patience is tested- they tend to talk back to me and fight with each other. But it's all good.
The atmosphere here is pretty darn good. I'm treated with respect by the parents, who are a young engaged couple. They're trying to get some lawyer bills paid and then they want to reverse his vasectomy so they can have more kids. (The boys are from his previous marriage, I believe.) I have a small bedroom and after the parents are home I have plenty of me time. I feel really good about this.

Something tells me I won't be getting over Eric any time soon. The whole thing is quite complicated. We started out as friends- I really liked him a lot, of course. I was still nursing the wounds of an unrequited crush that hadn't gone well. By the time I had gotten around to liking him in a more than platonic way, he'd gotten together with one of the girls from the bar. He's not breaking up with her any time soon. I would be disappointed in him if he did.

See, I actually told him how I felt about him. He's flattered, kinda feels the same way, and would be all over it if he weren't with someone already.

I've tried avoiding him. Not happening. We end up missing each other. So I guess we're BFF's???

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