Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Crummy job: Done done done done done. YAY!!!!!!!!

Toilet of a town: leaving either Sunday or Monday. (Same goes for the cucaracha-fest of an apartment.) DOUBLE YAY!!!!!!!!

I have learned a lot about myself here though. I've gained an incredible amount of confidence as well- I've taken up painting (something I've always wanted to do but never dared) and consider myself an artist. I feel better about myself than I have since I was a child. I've learned to stand up for myself because I'm worth standing up for. I've benefited from being in a fantastic therapy group for nine months- this has taught me more about opening up to people. My social skills have improved dramatically. Gosh, I've even had my heart broken and it wasn't even traumatic this time around. I don't hate the guy. I genuinely consider him a good friend.

I've gained a lot be being here the past ten months. But it's time for me to get home. My grandfather is not doing well since his stroke in December. I'm incredibly homesick and culture-deprived; what good is it being an artist in a town that lacks an arts district?

I've made some terrific friends here, and I will miss them. I sincerely hope they all write me. But am I ever looking forward to being home amongst my support network and familiar surroundings- and in time for the State Fair, too.