Long overdue update

Sorry it's been so long. That part-time job I took in May has totally taken over my life- in the worst possible way.

First of all, I've had to give up my summer semester and it looks like I'm sitting out the fall as well because we can't keep any part-time help on. Also, I wasn't properly trained to do my job (my supervisor had to go on medical leave the week I got there) and now that my sup is back she does try but she can only make it down from Tulsa about once every 2 weeks or so and she's always got something to complain about. It's to the point that I sincerely doubt that I can do my job and am quite ready to tell them they can have it.

Yeah. I hate my job. I hate this town. I want to go home. I have no friends. I have no life. I am freaking MISERABLE.