I have truly lost it.

So, I have a Facebook, like so many people. Big deal. But, nutty thing is, I made Bill teh Katt her own Facebook (Catbook) profile.


Oh, and I'm working part-time in the shoe department at K-mart. Pays pretty good... if only I weren't up to my ears in shoes all the time- it's like a crackhead working in a crack store and not being able to actually afford the wide variety of crack (althjough the crackhead would probably just steal the crack while I just drool and sigh over the variety of adorable skate shoes and sexy strappy heels...)

Oh, and instead of moving to Warner in 6 weeks I'm thinking of staying on in Muskogee this summer and transferring to UCO in the fall. Warner offers no more summer classes than Muskogee does so why bother? A summertime move? Bleah. And it would get me home 5 months sooner.

Oh, and my buddy Bryan is indeed teh roxxorz. :D


When it rains...

First of all, an update on my somewhat messy personal life:

I talked to my uncle's PO because of all the avoidance going on and it seems the dirtbag is in deep smeg. Avoiding your P.O.'s calls and directives to come in to the office = a very bad thing. He was facing reactivation of his status to supervised and possible rehab. Now, it's a lot more complicated. I have no idea if he made it to an appointment he had on Tuesday or not; if so, then he's not in that much trouble (although he's still likely headed to rehab since there's no way he passed a drug test). However, I'm taking the Vegas odds on it, which means that there's a warrant out for him, or there will be soon. (I just called the house a few minutes ago and got a busy signal, so that tells me he's still avoiding 'em.)

Secondly: Spring break would be a lot nicer without this nasty sinus infection.

Thirdly: Isn't Bill teh Katt adorable? She's about a year old, very playful, and really affectionate. She loves to attack my slippers for some reason- probably because they're fuzzy. I can't resist buying her cat toys. Her latest favorite- a laser pointer. She goes absolutely frantic trying to catch the beam of light- it's a hysterically funny sight. When the laser beam disappears, she frantically searches for it. 
She's a little ham, I tell ya. A few days ago, I was getting ready for school, and she kept batting at my feet under the bathroom door per her usual habit. She did this for twenty minutes; when I finally finished and opened the door, she had managed to be just sitting there bathing. She even looked at me innocently. 

Oh, gosh. Tomorrow's Good Friday. I'd like to make it to St. John's for solemn service but if not I'm sure St. Patrick's will be just fine. And I really need to go to Confession! 


Yay! moarpix

Taken by my mom in 1976. She had an odd sense of humor, like everyone else in my family.

Right: My mom. Taken in 1962. She was, from what I've heard, pretty much into everything. She loved the outdoors and nature. I know she was an animal lover- we grew up with three cats: Cosmo, Trystan and Ariel.

Me at 13 months old.

My family- Mom, me and Jason. Thanksgiving 1978.

My senior picture.


Pictures out the Wazoo

I'm in OKC for teh Spring Break after all- my brother decided it would be good for me and it was an offer I couldn't turn down. So, I've been reunited with my camera cable. As a result, I'd like to share some pictures of the past 5 months.

This was taken last Halloween. It was really convincing.

Jason's costume. Not remotely convincing, but hilarious.

Taken in Nivember, just before I moved.

This and the next two are a couple of art shots of Tulsa. It was snowing and so pretty that I couldn't resist.



Me and my buddy, Bill teh Katt. (Female, btw.) She's my uncle's, but she likes me better. :DPhotobucket Tulsa, OK. 12/15/2007.


Spring Break! Whooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow.... I have less than 2 months of this semester to go, y'all. I hope I make it.

Oh, and as for the other drama in my life: Uncle Sleazball has been selling drugs on the side. His own prescription medication. Bad, stupid, and dangerous. So, out of concern for my own safety, and that of everyone else in our household, I reported him to the police. He is now currently under investigation by their drug unit. I say, he'd best bend over and kiss his a$$ goodbye. Oh, and he should probably stock up on soap-on-a-rope too while he's at it.


I'm either extremely stupid, brave, or both.


I haven't really alluded to my home life much since January, have I? Well, it's because I've rather feltthat the gory details were better kept to myself after I shared the basics. Nothing changed for a while and I didn't want to go into it because certain aspects were so depressing that I didn't feel like sharing. Yeah. Not healthy, as I learned.

I returned home, to the promise that all would be peaceful and I could work on my degree with no worries. Things with my uncle seemed to be going fine for the first couple weeks. That doesn't mean I trusted him any further than I could pick him up and throw him, however. His sudden strange behavior last week didn't surprise me... once again, I knew I was in for another battle of with the redneck wonder freak. This time, though, he's goin' down.

He woke the entire house Wednesday night with his ranting. First time it was directed at me and my Catholicism. (He's always ranting about that and wanting to 'save my soul'.) The second time, however, he'd decided to wake my elderly grandfather for some reason, which Grandpa didn't much appreciate. I woke to Uncle Ray shouting obscenities at my granddad, to which he responded that he wanted my uncle to either leave the house or he was going to call the police. My uncle became incensed at this. I went in there to break it up and my uncle started in on me. Long story short, it did break up, but not before my uncle threatened me and everyone else in the house.

He's been waking us up at night ever since. I know the man has issues, but this is more than anyone should have to put up with. It's not myself that I'm worried for so much- I'm transferring to another school at the end of May- but I'm definitely sure I don't want this man to continue to emotionally abuse my grandpa. I worry about how long it would take for it to turn to physical abuse.

So, I'm putting a stop to it.

Uncle Ray is violating the terms of his parole by smoking pot (which I've seen him do numerous times). Although his parole is currently unsupervised, the drugs are still a major no-no that could get him into some serious trouble. So, as a concerned citizen, who feels that this man is a threat to himself and to others, I am getting a hold of someone with the Dept. of Corrections Parole Office to see about this. This isn't spite that's motivating me- I'm worried for my safety and my granddad's. And reporting him is a risky move, but something has to be done. Uncle Ray has terrorized us long enough.

So, please pray for me and my family.