I can't believe after I busted my hump that I only got an 86 on my English test!

Oh well. It's still an 86. And my English teacher is a hard-nosed perfectionist. Guess I'll have to work really hard for a B in this one. I suppose it'll give me character. LOL

BTW, Uncle Ray is a wackjob. He thinks the dead talk to him, has threatened me with bodily harm (not that I'm scared b/c I've been working out and he hasn't). He woke the entire house up Wednesday night with his ranting and screaming about not wanting to go back to prison. I'm not worried for my sake, really- I'm outta there in 2 months. It's more that I'm worried for my grandfather, who's 75 and entitled to a peaceful retirement, not being bullied and threatened by his unbalanced bully of a son. Not to mention all that pot-smoking is a direct violation of his parole... so, guess who's gonna get in touch with his parole officer? *evil grin*

Good grief! March 15 is 2 weeks away.... Spring Break!!!! :D



Fundamentals of Computers test taken Thursday.

Test results received today.

I got a 94!!!!! :D :D :D


Well, it seems the worst is over with, test wise. (Yay.) I have one more to take, in Government, that shouldn't be too horrible. Now all I have to do is work on my speech for tomorrow's Speech class. Most of it's done, I just need to transcribe and rehearse.

Personal life is- aw, shoot, what personal life? I go to school, and I study. XD But, seriously, I'm making progress in group therapy- I feel like I've tackled a lot of issues that have held me back, and I'm feeling even better about what lies ahead.

Shout out time!

First of all, to a long-time loyal reader, SoonerScotty. Your support means a lot to me. Thanks. :)

To my peeps back home. Theresa, Alysha, Carol, and my other homies- I miss y'all. I can't wait 'til Spring Break!!! :D

To my fellow Insiders- I love you more than life itself. Payallin, you are the shizz, and you have inspired me to no end. jacksmiller, are you even on any more?

ANyway, schoolwork beckons.



Three tests in the same week? Someone has to be kidding me.


Drive By Post (Again)

Hi. Busy. Gotta make this fast.

School is demanding. I have 3 tests next week that i have to prepare for. Wheeeeeee. But I'm managing to keep up so far. Five weeks down, 12 to go. (I think.)

Moved back in with Grandpa- Uncle Ray is really sick and is not feeling up to bothering me. He's been really good about leaving me alone (although his behavior is odd but it's probably the cancer.)

Grandpa Weaver seems to finally be getting better. I had an entirely lucid conversation with him yesterday.

That's pretty much it for now.