Happy, um, 26th of August?

Okay, it's been a couple of weeks since I updated this thing. My bad.

Work: Ugh. Where do I begin? It seems a personality conflict has arisen between myself and my direct supervisor. A casual conversation between myself(A) and another employee (B) resulted in a written disciplinary action for me. For my bad attitude. Because another employee (C)overheard my conversation and went running to my supervisor (D). D pulled me into a conference room and spent fifteen or twenty minutes berating me for my inappropriate remarks towards B. (All I had done was express surprise that B, whose job involves a lot of travel, was physically present, as I has not seen her come in. I'm on friendly terms with B, for Pete's sake.) D claimed that B was very upset with me and that my job was not entirely safe.
When I went to apologize to B, she took me aside and explained that she wasn't angry with me; it was just that C had not misconstrued my remarks and said something to D, who decided that that was inappropriate of me. She's had problems with me before- I'd written some oddball things relating to work (frustrated, silly, but harmless and not profane) on Post-its and stuck them on my monitor. She took them as personal slights (they weren't directed to her or the company) and made me remove them. It could have been that , or the fact that when I was transferred to her department I was entirely underqulaified to do so, but I think she's been gunning for me, and I've been ignorant of it until now.
Anyway, B warned me to be very careful of what I say and who I say it to- there's no telling who's listening. Good grief. It's not a workplace- it's a dysfunctional family.
I've sent my resume to about fifteen or so people so far and have gotten in touch with my old temp agency.

Church: That's going well! Choir is back in full swing, and so is RCIA. I'm looking forward to the Stewardship Fair in a couple of weeks.

Home life: Pretty happy with that. The roomie and I get along pretty well. He's generous and does not pry, and I'm sure I'll get used to the occasional houseful of gay party refugees. (We have quite the party pad indeed- huge back yard, pool table, piano- we're the hang-out house.)

Discernment: You'll notice I haven't really mentioned that in a while. That's because I wasn't sure what was to become of that since my hospitalization. I took it up with Fr. Rex, who said that the best course of action was to see how I adjusted to meds and treatment, but that I wouldn't be the first person to enter religious life with a mental illness. Besides, I do hold down a job and interact with people. Also, I should bear in mind the community I choose. So, I am still very much discerning religious life, only with an added factor.

Diagnosis (working): Bipolar II.

Meds: Increasing dosage a teeny bit. Still working quite well.

Other: Gave Fr. Rex a Monty Python Killer Bunny for his birthday. Apparently it went over really well. Interest in own appearance has extended to painting my toenails for the first time since I broke up with Dave about 3 years ago.


Happy Feast Day of the Assumption of Our Lady!

Did I say that right?

Big to-do at the church, so I'd better scoot.

Still thirsty- I drink anywhere from 1/2 10 a gallon of water, iced tea or juice in a day. Can't drink soda or anything carbonated anymore- it goes flat as soon as it hits my tongue. Ick. No more soda (diet or no). No more beer (big fat whoop there), no more champagne- but the doc put the kibosh on alcohol anyway (outside of what I take in whilst partaking of the Eucharist).

I'm eating @ 3 fairly balanced meals a day. I crave fruit and lettuce. I ate one brownie at RCIA last night and it was just too dang much for me. (And Ann Morris make the best brownies ever.) Milk chocolate makes me gag. As a matter of fact, my sweet tooth has all but completely left me. I can do a teeny bit of very dark chocolate and that's about it. And since I eat less, I take a multivitamin with my a.m. meds just in case I'm not getting enough nutrients. So far I feel just fine. In fact I feel better than I have in years (this weekend's ear infection notwithstanding).

As a result of the less voracious appetite, the decreased sugar, and the majorly increased water, I have lost at least 8 pounds in the last 3 weeks. (Maybe more.) My memory problems are pretty much back to what they've always been, my concentration at work is somewhat better, my attention to detail is a LOT better. Heck, my room is actually clean. My sup. is happy with my recent job performance. I think it's safe to say the meds are working- the side effects I do have are livable, and it's nice to be able to have a grip on my anger/sadness/giddiness, and, to some extent, compulsiveness. At least I have gotten a lot better at stopping and thinking about something before acting upon it.

Church is good. Life is good. I'm adjusting well to my new living situation. James is nice, and Noah (the Lab) is good natured and very enthusiastic.

Ok. Seriously, I need to get going. Cheers.


Week 2

Week 2 was somewhat better. Definitely less sleepy. Holy moley was I sleepy that first week, even at the lowest dosage possible, but I stuck it out anyway. My, erm, visiting aunt brought on some unwarranted hostility toward the (now, I suppose, ex) friend mentioned a few entries back (the one who got mad at me for "bragging" aboout my meds), as well as some random shoppers at Wally World on Wednesday night.

Things since Thursday, med-wise, have seriously improved. My head cleared up a lot. It's kind of like my brain is under construction. The first week or so was slow going because traffic had to learn to adapt to what was going on. Now it seems that, although there are still some delays, they're quite manageable.

Today so far has been great. Not remotely sleepy, though my appetite's been zapped. (I'll probably be ravenous here in the next hour or so. Betcha anything I crave peanut butter.) And I still am crazy thirsty (two 32-oz iced teas and a liter of water so far, plus at least another liter before I go to bed... yes, I get up at least a couple of times a night).

Of course, Glenn Beck is on vacay this week. Good for him, and I sincerely hope he enjoys his time off and gets his batteries recharged. I'll be looking forward to the 15th, though. And I hope he supports his new book with a tour. :)


My new hero!

Glenn Beck.


It's about time we had a voice of reason in these parts.

Surprisingly enough, it was Jason who turned me on to his show. He lent me his book, The Real America. I'm about halfway through it and it's just amazing.

I wish he'd run for President but somehow I don't think that would happen.


Week 1 On Meds

Side Effects: Thirsty(extremely), sometimes directionally challenged, major loss of appetite (have learned to take 'em right after I eat), occasionally wired/sleepy

Other than that still good. No serious outbursts. Had a serious setback this week- the friend that I was having issues with is no longer speaking to me. Yes, I'm hurt but then again I have much bigger issues to deal with than trying to reason with the unreasonable.

Went back to RCIA this week. :)