Twenty years ago, I was preparing to enter the 6th grade at East Side Elementary. I was 12. I lived with my mom, brother, and six cats in a tiny rental house in Midwest City, OK. (1987)
Fifteen years ago, I was preparing to enter the 11th grade at Del City High School in Del City, OK. My family had moved to a larger, nicer rental, and were down to 3 cats. My best friend, Jennifer Maddox, was about to move to Alabama right about this time. I still miss her to this day. (1992)
Ten years ago, I was living with my family on the north side of Oklahoma City. I worked at McDonald's and did little else. That was really my last summer of any real happiness- my mom would be dead within six months. (1997)
Five years ago, I was working my crummy fast-food job again and hoping I could do better with my life somehow.(2002)
Last year, I was in the last weeks of my triumphant run at business school. (2006)
Yesterday, I went to work, then spent the evening with my brother and my sister-in-law.
Today, I'll probably take it easy and go to confession.
Tomorrow, I need to go to Mass.


07/26/2007 12:20 PM

I'm back now that I actually have something to share. Yay!

So, it seems the tentative diagnosis is bipolar II. I'm back on the Topamax and Lexapro (albeit at lower dosages and at different intervals). I'm a little spacey but still perfectly functional. (Oh, and by the bye, I hope nobody's offended by my discussing my issues with my mental health. I'm certainly not bragging about being treated for a mental illness. Matter of fact, it's something I'd normally try not to mention at all, but that kind of thinking is what keeps it a stigma to begin with.)

Yeah, I made the mistake of blogging about my situation elsewhere and received a rather snippy message from one of my RL friends saying that it's "really f***ing uncool to go bragging about your meds on MySpace and Xanga, FYI". Um..... ooooookay. If I were a diabetic who mentioned that I were being treated appropriately for it, would this be construed as bragging? How is this different?

Ugh. Why do I let her get to me? She's very unhappy with some things in her life tight now and I should just let it go.

So, anyway, all is pretty well for me right now. I have another appointment in August where I suppose the tentative diagnosis will be confirmed. Oh, and I'm driving again- Jason helped me buy a 1989 Dodge Dynasty with 65,000 miles on it. (If I don't like it in a year I'm trading it in for a Toyota.) I'm having a difficult time adjusting to driving an automatic after all these years of manuals.

I'm still at MIN, and I plan to stay there a while until my health stabilizes- mental and physical. I honestly don't know what all this means in regard to my discernment- I keep meaning to talk to Deacon John about it but I keep forgetting to shoot him an email.