Thanks for the Memories, CRM

It is with a heavy heart that I report that the good fathers at Catholic Ragemonkey are no longer updating their excellent, informative blog. However, I understand that the priesthood is a busy occupation. I am grateful for the time and effort they put into such a delightful and informative pastime.

In other news...
I've returned to OKC. I just couldn't handle the self-imposed exile in Muskogee any longer, especially with my support system being here. That and the Mormons, whose influence I briefly fell under until they wanted to baptize me less than a week after we began our interfaith dialogues. (It should be noted that I'm not the most skilled of apologists, either.) It wasn't their brand of Christianity that I cared for, anyway- it was the sense of community that I got from talking to these two very earnest young men. The whole baptism thing, though, was pretty much the end of wanting to talk to them about faith any more- I told them that I wasn't interested in another baptism, and that I was cetainly not interested in leaving the Catholic church.

Yeah, I don't really like to talk about Muskogee. Dark times.

So, here I am, back amongst the people I love best, holding down a totally decent job and making plans for my future. I'm going to go to UCO, I think, to finish my education degree.

I feel like I've totally droppped the ball on my discernment, and that's the biggest issue I have. My time in Muskogee sunk me into the deepest depression I've encountered since the loss of my mother, and my discernment was the first casualty. I'm a little afraid to pick it back up now. Failure does that to me. I'm going to let myself heal before making any further decisions.

That's pretty much it on my end. Peace and love to you all.