Ok, so it looks like Blogger has become more user friendly since the merger with Google.

Now for the updates.

I've decided to re-enter college in the spring. I'm looking at St. Ambrose University in Iowa, but I may just do spring semester here in Muskogee or in Tulsa. I'm going to work on my Education degree; I just haven't decided what my specialty will be. I thought I wanted to teach high-school English, but I spent a couple days working as a teacher's assistant at a local grade school and I've found that kids like me a lot better than I thought they did.

Well, I've got time to sort it out- I still need to take a lot of my basic courses (and pass them).

I've been taking part in the Emmaus program in Tulsa. (It's a discernment thing.) I'm still trying to get my discernment sorted out. Now I can see why they want you to wait a couple of years after coming into the church-there's a lot I'm having to adjust to. I'm just sitting back, taking a deep breath, and waiting to go any further until I've had a chance to reexamine the situation with a clear head.
Ok, gonna try to post to this thing.

I had some problems getting Blogger to work on my ancient, dial-up fueled computer, but I've gotten this far!

Right, right.

I'm gonna post this and see if it publishes. Wish me luck!