I told you it always works.

(Are my skills of flattery and manipulation good or evil?)

Poor, neurotic, devout, sickly St. Therese of Lisieux. I am reading a biography on her and wow! It's fascinating. I had her pegged to be this simpering and cloyingly sweet personage, but evidently not.


Edward Porter Felt :November 9, 1959 – September 11, 2001

Eternal rest grant to him, O Lord, and may Your perpetual light shine upon him.

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This always seems to work


I sure do wish those nice guys at Catholic Ragemonkey would post again. (hint, hint.)

Seriously, I find that if they go for more than a week w/o posting that I get antsy. I appreciate that they're priests, but I'm jonesing really bad.



For so long, I felt like life was a stage and I was just waiting for my cue to perform- that it just wasn't my time yet. Since becoming Catholic I've had to change my thinking a bit- too much has passed me by already while I've waited for whatever it was I was waiting for. It's high time I get on with the business of living, and whatever is supposed to happen will. (A watched pot never boils.)

For the past several years I've been wanting my childhood back, presumably to have a do-over. Well, since that is obviously not an option, there's no point in wishing for it- not with as many possibilities as there are. I still have my freedom- just a different framework to put it all into. (Besides, I doubt it's a crime to play on the swingset if you're over 30.)

I've joined the church choir. I still struggle with my weaknesses. I still have hope for a better tomorrow- and a better me.


Changes to FCP and stuff

Hopefully this new format is a bit easier on the eyes. I got tired of squinting just to see my own blog.

I've been hitting daily Mass fairly steadily since I moved here. It's a lot easier when you live less than five miles from church. Yeah, I can definitely say I'm starting to really like St. Joseph's.