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Must remember to link this tomorrow.

It's official...

... I am a published author.

Busted Halo, a online Christian magazine for young adults, has published my account of my conversion.

Huge deal? No, but I'm still a very happy camper.

Kudos to Bill McGarvey, the editor, for all his hard work.

Please feel free to read my story.


Greetings from Muskogee

I am writing this from the Muskogee Public Library, Muskogee, OK. I am staying with my granddad until I find a place and job in Tulsa.

The third thing I did yesterday (after returning my U-haul and paying my storage) was finding the Catholic church. St. Joseph's is only a few years old and it is GORGEOUS. The stained glass in the daily chapel- depicting the Joyful, Sorrowful, and Glorious Mysteries- is exquisite.

After that I got a library card.

Thank you all for your prayers and kind wishes- it's quite a transition for me and to be honest I'm a bit homesick for St. John's.


:) :) :) :) :)

I am so, so glad I went to Clinton last night. Father Rex is in good spirits, and the people of St. Mary's love him as much as we did at St. John's. I'm not surprised, for their love is simply a reflection of his love for them.

Last night was Father's birthday. What an amazing coincidence that this was the weekend I went to see him. The parish threw a party for him after Mass, and they insisted that I stay for it. They were excellent hosts, and I hope that I get another opportuity to visit in the near future.



I did mention I'm moving to Tulsa, right? (My short term memory has some seriously loose wiring.)

I'm planning on the big move for Wednesday, which means I need to get on the stick already and finish packing. (I have 1 room's worth of stuff, but I'm going through it to see what I can donate to charity.)

I have decided to pay Fr. Rex a visit this afternoon. I promised I would. I did not anticipate on it being this soon, but I know that once I move it will fall way down on the priorities list. I'm just now learning how to relate to people properly, and I'm making an effort to keep relationships going. Father is very important to me, and I want to keep in touch with him. I also have some things I want to say to him that are better said in person, like how I was going to ask him to be my spiritual director, but I don't think it will be feasible with 3 hours of distance and 2 area codes between us.

So, that's my plan for today- wash laundry and drive to Clinton. Part of me feels this is stupid. But a bigger part really feels it's important.



... is something that I am not ready for. It's great to listen to, but I am so not ready to explain the nuances of my faith to a non-Catholic.

I attended a highly interesting Apologetics forum at St. Eugene's tonight. Fr. Shane Tharp (founding Ragemonkey) led us. It was a great way to spend a couple of hours; however, I left with more questions that I began with, and had very few answered.


Happy Assumption Day!

Today is the feast day of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven.


St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

After much internal debate, I have finally decided upon a patron saint for my blog. (I know very little about the saints, which is probably why it took me so long.)

I figured I'd use my patron saint, St. Francis of Asissi. However, I feel that he does enough for me as it is, what with watching over me and the cat next door.

Having read a book on the lives of women saints, I chose St. Elizabeth Ann Seton for two reasons:

1. She converted to Catholicism after being treated with love by Catholic friends. She was disowned by her Protestant family for this. She went on, after many hardships, to found a Catholic school for her city's most destitute. (I will look up a more detailed bio and link to it later.)

2. She is the patron saint of the school that is attached to St. John's.


Check this out

The Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary are an order in Wichita, KS. I met up with a couple of their sisters, Sister Maria Jacinta and Sister Marie Therese, at the Life Awareness Retreat. I have been doing further research and I must say I am thoroughly impressed with this order. I will definitely add them to my list of places to visit.




I've been so caught up in my personal business that I forgot to do a Thursday 13 yesterday! Oh no!!!!!

Yeah, it's been crazy. My car broke down again, so I had to deal with that. I've also decided that I should give Tulsa a shot. That retreat changed me. I'm a little scared of what it all means, but I should embrace God's will instead of being dragged kicking and screaming into acquiescence. So, yeah. I'm moving to Tulsa soon. (Before the end of the month.)


Thursday Thirteens- August 3, 2006

Thirteen Things I Need to Be Doing

1. Eat a balanced diet

2. Pray more often, like on a daily basis

3. Exercise

4. More volunteer work

5. Going to daily Mass

6. Getting more involved at church

7. Doing nice things for people w/o expecting anything in return

8. Spending more time with my friends

9. Better maintenance on my car

10.Better correspondence with my out-of-state family and friends

11. Finding another place to live

12. Actually writing the book that's coming together in my head

13. Totally avoiding alcohol, for I have no capacity for it any more

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"O eternal God, the soul who truly loves You spends itself for its neighbour and cannot do otherwise, for its love of You and its love of neighbour are one and the same thing; the more the soul loves You, the more it loves its neighbour, because love of neighbour has its source in You.

"You have given us this means of proving and practising virtue, O Most High God, so that, since we cannot benefit You, we can benefit others. Therefore, a soul in love with You, most amiable Lord, never ceases to spend itself in doing good to others, striving to discover their needs and hastening to help them.

"O God, eternal Trinity, You ask us to love You with the same love with which You love us. This we cannot do, for You loved us when we were as yet Your enemies; and however great our love for You, we would always owe You this love, as due to You; it is therefore, not gratuitous, because You loved us first. As it is impossible for us to give You the love You desire, You have given us our neighbour, that we may do for him what we cannot do for You, that is, love him without having been loved by him — gratuitously — without expecting any benefit from it.

"Teach me, O Lord, to love my neighbour even when not loved by him, to love him with no concern for my own benefit, but solely because You love me, solely to repay Your gratuitous love. Then I shall fulfil the commandment of the law: to love You above all things, and my neighbour as myself." (cf. St Catherine of Siena)
I am very surprised at the reaction my last entry got. I didn't know this many people read my blog.