My Weekend, By Anastasia Hunt

Wednesday: I notice what looks like a rather nasty bug bite on my face. Am more concerned by sinus infection.

Thursday: Bug bite zit thingy has grown. Decide to give it another day, for surely it can't get any bigger. Go to work as scheduled, get drafted into actually working (as opposed to attending stupid meeting).


(1 pm) Wake to find entire right side of face swollen to ginormous proportions. Try ice. Nothing doing. Showed Jason. He says I need medical attention.

(4 pm) Call work to let them know I'm going to doctor with heinous swelling. Sup is less than nice about it. Trust me, I'd much rather be in stupid meeting right now than doctor's office.

(4:30) At clinic a mile from home. Doctor comes in, gasps, "Oh, honey!", calls another doctor to come take a look. (Never a good sign.) Swelling is pronounced an abcess. Am directed to nearest ER.

(5:30) Jason has driven me to St. Anthony ER. (Not the closest, but is Catholic.) Check-in takes forever; face is killing me.

(7:30) Get a room, IV, morphine. CAT scan is ordered.

(9:30) Cute doctor tells me that CAT scan shows is really, really bad, relating to a damaged wisdom tooth (ironocally does not hurt tooth). They'll have to operate on me- minor procedure really. Doesn't stop me from getting nervous. Given more morphine. They'll try to do it in the next hour.

(11:00) Am taken to OR. Doctors and nurses are really nice. Heavy-duty drugs pumped into my IV. Last thing I remember is cap being put on my head.

(11:45) Come to in Recovery room. (Allegedly. I don't remember this.)

(12:30) Taken to my room. Expected to stay at least until Sunday. Bless Jason's heart- he stayed with me from the drive up until now. I send him on his way and drift off in a sea of morphine and anti-nausea meds.


(7:30 am) I wake up feeling lousy. Eat breakfast anyway. Am on clear liquid diet, so seems weird- chicken broth, Jello, juice, popsicle.

(1:30 pm) more morphine, as am in pain from drain inserted into abcess.

(2:30) Jason and Jenn visit. I feel horrible- short of breath and v. nauseous. Call nurse. She comes in to take care of shortness of breath, which goes away when I projectile vomit my clear liquid diet a foot into the air before it lands on me. Think I traumatized the aide. They cleaned me up and got me back into bed. They deduce it was the morphine.

(8 pm) Nurse walks me down the hall a bit. Not interested in dinner. Proceed to sleep some more.

(11 PM) ask for pain meds that aren't morphine. Get Lortab. Niiiiiiiice.


(7:30) Still groggy from Lortab. Get to move to solids after breakfast.

(9:30 am) Best friend Theresa and her daughter Adia (age 3) arrive just as priest leaves (from giving me Anointing of Sick and communion). T brings me care package of moisturizers and chocolate. Nurse brings more Lortab. Theresa leaves so I can rest and so she can get Adia home.

(11:30) Lunch is quite decent- turkey and gravy, potatoes, salad. Back to napping.

(12:45) Grandpa stops by for visit. I zonk out again.

(1:45) Jason and Jenn arrive. They run to store for me to get supplies. Another dose of Lortab.

(7:00) Dinner (ick), spongebath, wash hair as best as I can with massive bandage on neck. Walk down hall by myself.

(8:45) Watch sunset. Am on 11th floor- nice view. Am told will not be out till Mon.or Tue.


(12 am) IV hurting me. Gets moved. That doesn't work, it gets moved again. More lortab.

(7:45) Room Service calls for my breakfast order. Am cranky and will have to call them back.

(9:45) Breakfast, more Lortab. Getting tired of being sleepy all the time. Get feeling not going home today. Depressed. Think will ask for painkiller that doesn't knock me out.

(1:30) Lonely. Few visitors. Miss Fr. Rex (still). Hear Fr. John is better (v.g.).

(4:30) Tylenol. Yay! Less downtime.

(5:45) Carrot cake here is delicious.

(8:00) Jason just left. Reading good book on C S lewis. Will take Lortab tonight to sleep through any pain. Want to go home. Have too much going to be cooped up in here!


(8:30) slept really well. Woken by cute doctor. May get to go home today or tomorrow. Yes! Need to wash hair, shave legs in the worst way.

(12:30) No painkillers needed today so far. Yes! Dental procedure scheduled for tomorrow. Was really hoping to go home tonight. Oh well.

(1:15) I'm going home tonight! Back to clinic tomorrow for dental work. So happy. I will be wearing pants in a few short hours.

(2:30) Nurse removed drain (rubber tubing and stitches), gave me IV antibiotics. 4 hours to freedom and normal clothes.

(5:15) IV now totally out. Thank God. Don't think I need extra fluids anyway, am sick of going to bathroom every hour and a half. PANTS TIME!!!

(6:40) I am so out of here!

So, on the minus side: extreme pain, the side fx of various pain meds, wearing only the most hideous of gowns for days on end.
On the plus side, however: my brother rocks, got daily communion, hospital staff were very nice.
I'm just so happy to be home.


The aliens did NOT get me!

Yeah, I know I have not updated this in a while but I've got a good excuse. I've just gotten home from the hospital, where I've been since Friday night.

More later.


I want to be holy.


A letter to Fr. John Metzinger

Dear Fr. John,

I hear rumors that, just days after your heart attack, you made an appearance at the office. While I am glad that you are recovering so nicely (God be praised!), I am also slightly concerned for you.

We were made to understand that you need several weeks of rest and quiet in order to recover. I understand that you are dedicated to your vocation (God bless you for that). Just please, please don't overdo it. We need you, love you and want you to get better.

I hope you continue to recover so well. You remain in my prayers.

Anastasia Hunt



So much for my squeeage. See my Xanga for details. (I'm lazy. I cross-reference. Deal.)

Something I've noticed in the few years that I've been truly interested in Catholicism: nearly every Catholic church I've visited has had a garden of some sort- a place of tranquility with places to sit, lots of foliage, and some sort of religious statuary. I especially like the ones at St. Thomas More (cozy and old-fashioned) and St. John's (roomy, with a fountain).

The gardens give these awesomely holy places a lovely homelike feel- like God wants you to sit down and stay a while, and maybe swing by sometime when you're not there to worship just to chill and to enjoy his house.

I wonder if all Catholic churches have gardens.

UPDATE: I posted the above question to the Catholic message board. It seems that not all churches have 'em. Hm. Go figure.


As bad as today was (see my Xanga), there is reason for me to squee with joy.

I have an interview at St. John's tomorrow!!!!!

OK, I'm gonna finish up here and then I'm gonna pray a rosary.


Told ya so...

Today, I said farewell to Fr. Rex. And I was foolish enough to leave the Kleenex at home.

It was an emotional goodbye for all concerned. He told us to love one another as we had loved him. For some reason this made me miss Mom.

The fact that Fr. John wasn't there made things even more emotionally charged. Fr. John suffered a mild heart attack Friday night. Fr. Rex says he should be okay after a few weeks of rest and quiet.

It's like having one of your best friends move away. That's what I'm feeling right now. (Although the sight of what I presume to have been a high school photo definitely provided some levity at the reception. :D )

Oh well. Clinton's not that far. Once my life settles down a bit I'll pay him a visit.



I've been left home alone while Jason and Jennifer go to Vegas for a family wedding. Nice.

Lots to do today- gotta pick up my reserves at the library (they FINALLY got in that book on the history of Catholicism in Oklahoma) and bake another loaf of banana bread. Also need to get the gift bag made and the card signed, for Fr. Rex's reception is tomorrow.


I am having a good day so far.

Mass was great! I pray that I get the job at the church, because then I'd totally be able to do Daily Mass.

I'm going to a church dinner on Wednesday. It's called "Dinner with Da Vinci". Apparently, Deacon John has done some research on the fallacies contained within "The Da Vinci Code". It promises to be informative.

Got a little weepy today though- it was Fr. Louis' last day with us. He's a really nice guy. I gave him a loaf of homemade banana bread and totally dropped the ball when I told him goodbye.

Have decided to re-read "The Chronicles of Narnia". Haven't done that since I was a teenager. I think I'll totally have a different perspective on it now.


Father Rex is my homeboy

With just a few short days left before the amazingly awesome associate priest of my parish goes to his new assignment, I'm starting to get all weepy and mopey. Now that I think about it, I might feel better if I tell my readership about Fr. Rex Arnold and why he means so much to me.

I am a total spaz when it comes to expressing my feelings about others, so please bear with me.

I met Fr. Rex in October, when Jason, Jennifer, and I attended our first mass at St. John the Baptist. I don't remember the specifics of his homily, but I daresay that is what influenced us to choose St. John's; Jason and I both liked him immediately. He was very nice to us when we introduced ourselves- he chatted with us for a moment and made us feel welcome. As we headed to lunch, we decided that we would definitely be going back there.

We progressed through RCIA and got to know so many good and lovely people. (I may have mentioned this before, but St. John's RCIA program is really, really good. Deacon John Morris does an excellent job of explaining subjects in detail and keeping our interest while doing so. The people who volunteer their time are extremely nice and supportive.) Fr. Rex was a part of that as well. He spoke to us a few times and generally took an interest in the goings-on of the RCIA. He also led our pre-confirmation retreat.

Fr. Rex is such a kind soul, as well as a wise, understanding teacher. He always seems to be overcome with joy, especially when he's doing his priestly duties. He is also witty, highly literate, and incredibly friendly. He's incredibly popular not only in our parish but at the local Starbucks.

I think he is particularly special to me because he's made an effort to reach out to me. In our discussions I've found that there are similarities in our respective upbringings and life experiences. His interest in the RCIA is rather personal- he was once a convert. He has been open about his conversion experience, and it has done me a world of good to have him there as an example of how good life can be if you just actually listen to God. He also introduced me to the theological works of C.S. Lewis (a debt I doubt I can repay).

In closing, all I can say is that it has been an honor and a privilege to know and to be led by Fr. Rex. His old parish will miss him greatly, and his new parish will be especially blessed by his presence. God bless this wonderful man who I am sure will lead may souls to heaven.

(I know this post is dated Saturday, but today is actually Wednesday. It took me days just to get this written.)


So, Blogger has finally come back up, and the good fathers at CRM have updated. :)

Meanwhile, I still cope with living day-to-day life whilst discerning my vocation. I'm set to spend a week on retreat at a local convent; I am really looking forward to it.

I have decided not to date while I'm in discernment; this has made me a bit more attractive to the opposite sex. (Yikes. What part of, "I'm sorry, but I'm deciding whether or not to become a nun and therefore I don't think it's fair to me or to you for me to date right now" is so difficult to understand?

I'm gonna go make a loaf of banana bread for Fr. Louis, who is going back to St. Gregory's this week. I guess I should also prepare myself for Fr. Rex's departure (he goes to his new assignment in a little over a week).


Wanted: Spiritual director

Yay! Blogger's been down for a few days. Maybe there's been an update at CRM.

So, anyway, I'm looking for a spiritual director. I have been told that a spiritual director holds up a mirror to the directee to show them how the Spirit is moving in their life. I definitely need that.


Holy Orders

Tonight I witnessed the ordination of Deacon (now Father) Dan Letourneau to the priesthood.

It was just... amazing. I was simply awestruck at how powerful the presence of the Lord was tonight at the Cathedral. I'll have to admit that the ceremony was just flat-out gorgeous and moving.

My call to become a religious sister was reaffirmed tonight. The feeling I get when I think about it... I've been waiting my whole life to feel this way. I want to be a light to the world. I want to show people that God loves them. I hope that everything I do reflects that.